Buying Our Wine Glasses by the Case

* Note: We are just testing this out. *

Until now we have only sold our wine glass designs individually via Amazon. Enough people ask how to get glasses in volume that we've decided to experiment with offering case purchases directly.

What We Can Do:

  • Mix a case of 24 wine glasses with the designs you prefer, assuming your choices are all in stock (we will notify you so you can substitute changes if necessary)
  • Ship directly to your U.S. contintental address. For the run of this experiment, shipping will be included free-of-charge.
  • Give you case-direct pricing of $235 per case, or $9.80 per wine glass, which includes Shipping, Handling, and Taxes. This is a savings of over 50% per glass vs. buying individually on Amazon.
  • Accept credit card or PayPal payments.
  • Guarantee your satisfaction.

What We Can't Do:

  • Offer a nice checkout page. We aren't setting it up as an official offering until we know enough people want mixed case shipping to warrant the programming.
  • Split shipping of the case to different locations. The case holds 24 glasses, which all ship together to one location. 
  • Customize glass designs. The lead time is 90+ days to design and ship our glass designs for minimum quantities of 480 glasses. This experiment of buying by the case is for our existing glass designs found here.

How to Order Wine Glasses by the Case:

  1. Decide what mix of glasses you would like that equals 24 glasses per case.
  2. Email your order to and include wine glass names and quantities of each for your order (names are in the gold box: Cardio, Corks, Laugh, Disappear, etc.)
  3. Complete your payment and shipping information via the confirmation email you receive.
  4. Watch for the tracking number and shipping confirmation.
  5. Get your wine glasses.

It's a very simple process, just not automated on our end. You will receive your wine glass order within a week via UPS. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email those as well.

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